Brale provides APIs for managing branded stablecoins and digital assets.

Treasury enables businesses to create and manage regulated fiat-backed stablecoins backed by Brale’s treasury infrastructure. Mints and Redemptions are supported with USDC or USD wire transfer.

Base enables businesses to create and manage digital assets backed by their own off-chain treasury. For example, businesses can automate on-chain supply of stablecoins against their own reserves.

On mainnet, tokens can be managed on Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Celo, Base, Optimism, Arbitrum, Stellar, and Solana. Brale offers testnet access to test minting and burning tokens in a sandbox environment. Testnets are available on Sepolia, Fuji, Mumbai, Alfajores, Stellar Testnet, and Solana Devnet.

To get started, create an account or log in to the dashboard to create your first application.

To help navigate the API, you can download the OpenAPI spec, or our Postman library. You can also use the Brale CLI to streamline common interactions with the API.