Brale uses standard HTTP status codes to indicate whether an API request succeeded or failed. A response with a 2xx status code indicates success, a 4xx status code indicates a failure due to information provided with the request, and a 5xx status code indicates an unexpected error occurred. Errors are formatted according to the JSON:API spec.

400Bad RequestAn error occurred processing your request.
401UnauthorizedA missing or invalid key was provided.
403ForbiddenThe provided token does not have the required permissions.
404Not FoundRequest entity not found.
415Unsupported Media TypeContent-Type header should be application/vnd.api+json.
422Unprocessable EntityUnable to process the contained request instructions.
429Rate LimitedRequest has been rate-limited.
500Internal Server ErrorSomething went wrong on Brale's side.
	"links": null,
	"meta": null,
	"errors": [
			"code": "Forbidden",
			"id": null,
			"links": {},
			"meta": {},
			"status": "403",
			"title": "Access not permitted.",
			"source": null,
			"detail": "Invalid scopes for requested endpoint."